Konnor T Crewe

Konnor is a female to male transgender person in the North Boston area. He began the social transition in 2006 and hormonal transition in 2010.  Konnor experienced two simultaneous types of transitions in 2010, as he lost 50% of his body weight along with beginning hormonal transition. Konnor’s particular world view and mission has to do with promoting body acceptance.  Konnor also has an interest in the subject of invisible violence, elder trans rights and the human rights of transgender people in greater context of international human rights.

gallery Shows

Konnor & Kristian had a collaborative piece in the “This is What Trans Feels Like” gallery show at gallery 550 in Manchester, New Hampshire entitled, Invisible Violence. The show was sponsored by RAD-NH, and ACLU-NH. Konnor recently finished a couple of more mixed media pieces entitled “Revoked” and “Family Legacy” which pertain to transgender subjects of alienation.

Writing Projects

Konnor has short stories and articles in a few publications. The most recent is in a pin-up style female to male transgender lifestyle magazine called Trans Gentlemen’s Club. The article is a reprint from an earlier article which I wrote in Quora answering the question pertaining to Bottom surgery and size. The original question is here: What size does FTM bottom surgery usually appear as? Konnor has a story in an anthology, Love Always: Partners of Trans People on Intimacy, Challenge & Resilience, published in 2015. This article is on being in a trans/trans relationship and is called Transition Envy. Konnor was also published in 2014 in Polare Magazine a magazine out of New South Wales, Australia which reaches many people in the local transgender population and in the prison system. In addition, Konnor is a member of Lowell Writer’s group, and Scribophile. However, you might not find most of Konnor’s works on Scribophile which are under a pen name.

Textile Design

 Konnor works in a number of media within textiles including paper, cloth and yarn. His collaborative projects with Kristian have appeared in wearable art fashion shows, charity events and most recently in a gallery show.

Education and Experience

Konnor has a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a specialization in English as a Second Language education. Konnor was a tutor in English as a Second Language and ABE, as well as having worked as a credit card membership retention specialist and a fraud analyst. Konnor has a broad background and work history in customer service, sales and public relations. Konnor has both paid as well as unpaid experience serving in a public relations capacity for both a fortune 500 corporation as well as non profits.
Crewe’s lived experience as a transgender man influences his artwork. Many of his pieces are inspired by pain he has experienced, or by his political views which he feels very passionately.

First Event

Konnor was the Workshop Coordinator of First Event conference from July 2012 to December 2014.  Konnor helped to grow the First Event conference, as well as expand programming for all three years that he participated.