Invisible Violence Project

Konnor and Kristian’s most recent project is creating several pieces of work relating to their identity as trans men (female to male transgender) and survivors of violence. Stay tuned as Kristian and Konnor present a number of mixed-media co-creations exploring the theme “Invisible Violence” in multiple media including written word, spoken word, mixed media collage and more.

Invisible Violence and the Transgender Community by Konnor T. Crewe
Behind HB2 by Konnor T. Crewe

Here are the first of what I hope will be many examples of transforming the negativity of invisible violence through art.
The invisible violence I am speaking of in the case of Orlando is the second hand trauma of grief suffered by the people in solidarity with Orlando. Although the act it self was a terrible violence, it bears noting that the public mourns as well. And there’s something we can do to honor those emotions and the people of Orlando.

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Visual Art

This is What Trans Feels Like Gallery Exhibit