Size and Transition

I may not look it, now, but
once I was a very large person who weighed 460 pounds, plus. Here is a before and after photo to give you a frame of reference:
My transition and my weight loss occurred simultaneously in 2010, because once I had decided to transition, I lost the wish to hide behind my weight.  However, I am not telling you this to make you think that you must or should choose the same path that I did. My attitude is one of radical fat and body acceptance. Through the course of several essays, I would like to share my very personal journey with you.
Maybe you are reading this and you are not transgender. You may also never have struggled with weight or body image. However, I think that body image is a topic which is fairly universal. Most struggle with issues surrounding accepting our shape, our size, or even disliking certain aspects of our own appearance. I hope that I can offer my own insights about body acceptance and acceptance of difference gained through experience from my transition as a transgender person.